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30 Seconds on Our Programs

Computer users

Prevent stress, fatigue and injury.

Today’s high tech world is a very “hand-intensive” one. The increased use of computers, tablets and phones has only increased the demands on our hands and yet few of us take the time to improve the physical condition of the hand until it is too late. The occurrence of hand injuries continues to increase and yet we cannot afford to lose the use of our hands. It could mean the loss of the ability to complete everyday tasks such as typing on a computer. It could even mean the temporary or permanent loss of employment.

Ensure Lifelong Use of Your Healthy Hands!

If you are in better physical condition you are less likely to suffer from the stress, fatigue and injury that occur from overusing your muscles. We believe this concept can hold true for your hands as well. If you take just a few minutes a day with our convenient products you can build stronger hands that are less prone to injury. If you are injured, we carry user-friendly products for assisting in your recovery and aftercare.

Computer User's Bundle

The Computer User's Bundle is great for anyone who spends a significant amount of time typing, playing video games or using a cell phone. The products and video have been designed to help improve hand strength, limberness, coordination and finger independence. 

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