Improve Fine Motor Skills!
Ensure Lifelong Use of Your Healthy Hands!

The development of fine motor skills is essential for our survival. During childhood we develop fine motor skills more quickly than any other time in our life. Unfortunately, some skills can be overwhelming and not every child has the same level of ability when learning such things as writing or typing or playing an instrument. Fortunately, there is help. The Finger Fitness exercises presented on this site and in our book and videos are ideal for developing fine motor skills by increasing the strength, coordination and dexterity of the fingers. Plus, they’re fun and easy to do. Kids love them!

Play More!

If your child has suffered from a hand or finger injury and you are looking for something to help their recovery, you have come to the right place. The rehab products on this site have been selected because they are easy to use. We also have the right products to help the injured hand or finger not only regain it’s strength and coordination but increase it as well. Your child should be able to return to their everyday activities sooner than without any assistance.