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The 3pp® ThumSling® thumb brace with a contoured strap provides support and compression at the CMC joint to relieve pain from CMC Thumb Arthritis. Fully adjustable design eliminates constriction around the thumb. Two sizes fit a broad range of hand sizes. Quick and easy-to-fit orthosis is ideal for clinics.  See sizing details below.


Thumsling Black

SKU: 1000124
  • Fully adjustable contoured strap lifts and supports the CMC joint to relieve pain and subluxation. Straps engage anywhere on the hook receptive fabric making this orthosis fully adjustable for optimal support without limiting function. Soft, foam-lined material contours to the hand for non-bulky support that can be worn all day or night. Customize the level of support by adding the flexible stay (included) for added control wherever it's needed; trim with scissors with no fear of unraveling fabric.

    Hand or machine washable; latex-free.  Color: Black

    Sizing: Lay hand flat and measure around the MP joints (large knuckles).

    Small/Medium fits 6" to 7 1/4".

    Medium/Large fits 7 1/4" to 9 1/4".

    Choose Right or Left orientation.

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