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The 3pp ThumSaver™ MP hand-based orthosis protects the thumb metacarpophalangeal (MP) and stabilizes carpometacarpal (CMC) motion without restricting wrist motion.


ThumSaver™ MP

SKU: 1005099
  • The ThumSaver™ MP by 3-Point Products does an excellent job of properly aligning the thumb to position and protect the MP and CMC joints during all levels of activity. 

    The ThumSaver includes cushioned felt padding that can be custom-trimmed to fully cushion the inside of the orthosis. The low profile design makes this ideal for relieving thumb pain for those doing repetitive fine motor tasks. Recommended for CMC or MP arthritis and for gamekeeper’s or skier’s thumb. (See product detail under the Additional Information tab above.)


    • Stabilizes the MP and CMC joint to reduce CMC subluxation and realign the thumb during functional activities
    • Low-profile design leaves the palm free for function while reducing pain when pinching or gripping objects
    • Thin, seamless molded splint can be adjusted using a Digital Heat Gun
    • Includes adherent felt pads that can be customized to provide cushioning where needed
    • No natural rubber latex was used in the manufacture of this medical product



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