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TheraBand® FlexBar is a flexible, durable resistance device with a ridged surface for enhanced grip during use. It is used to improve grip strength and upper extremity stabilization by bending, twisting, or oscillation movement. Choose resistance below.

TheraBand® FlexBar

SKU: 2001764
  • The TheraBand® FlexBar is the ideal exercise tool for improving grip and upper extremity strength, as well as aiding in wrist, forearm, and hand rehabilitation. The use of the Flexbar is great for performance improvement in massage therapy, martial arts, and sports that call for grip strengthening.

    The Flexbar is well-suited as a physical therapy aid, helping provide soft-tissue and joint mobilization and also allowing oscillation movement for neuro-muscular and balance training.

    Resistance Options:

    Level 1: Yellow- 6lb Force

    Level 2: Red- 10lb Force

    Level 3: Green- 15lb Force

    Level 4: Blue- 25lb Force

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