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Video: Approx. 63 Min.

Truly an exciting new way to improve the ability of your hands that is both fun and rewarding!

User-Friendly Format Ideal for Beginner to Intermediate Levels Great for musicians, computer operators, athletes, and senior citizens developing fine motor skills.

The easy-to-follow format, with musical and verbal accompaniment, is highly recommended for anyone just starting the Finger Fitness program. With over one hour of step-by-step instruction, this video, produced in 2005, challenges you to increasingly complex hand exercises plus progressively challenging dance routines that can keep your hands healthy for life!

Following the introduction by Meg Robinson, Certified Hand Therapist there are:
1. 5 exercises lessons to enhance finger limberness, coordination, and independence
2. 10 fun and easy aerobic-style dance routines to reinforce the lessons learned
3. The amazing new Finger Ballet, Ne Mina (music by Richie Gajata-Garcia)

Presented in a progressive teaching style, this video includes:
1. Part A: Four Warm-Ups, Five Lessons, Ten Dance Routines
2. Part B: Practice Sessions
3. Ten Dance Routines
4. Also extended Versions with music only and no instruction that is suggested once you know the routines.

Exercises you can do anywhere, any time!

Finger Fitness is truly an exciting new way to improve the ability of your hands that is both fun and rewarding! Finger Fitness is a series of exercises designed to enhance hand strength, limberness, coordination, finger independence, and fine motor response exercises you can do anywhere, any time. This approach to hand conditioning is a powerful tool for boosting performance in specialized applications, such as playing a musical instrument, typing on a computer or carrying out a delicate surgical procedure..

“The Finger Fitness program if used on a daily basis can help improve hand strength, dexterity, limberness and finger independence” Meg Robinson - Certified Hand Therapist OTR / L CHT

The Complete Hand Workout (DVD)

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