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Power-Web Exercisers

The Power-Web is 14” in diameter, and is an excellent option for personal and professional hand strengthening and muscle rehabilitation. This exerciser weighs only 16 ounces, and is perfect for traveling or using at home or the office. The unique design allows you to perform a variety of exercises comfortably and effectively. This hand exerciser is made of high-quality rubber. (Contains latex.)

  • Rubber webbing of each exerciser offers varying degrees of resistance and elasticity to improve hand strength and range of motion
  • Designed to be used for everything ranging from one finger to both hands conditioning, strengthening, and rehabilitating
  • Each Power-Web includes an exercise manual for at home and on-the-go strengthening and rehab
  • Useful tool for finger extension, thumb opposition, abduction, adduction, pronation, and supination exercises
  • Available in a variety of option and resistance combinations for users of all fitness levels, and hand sizes

Power-Web Jr. Exercisers

The Power-Web Jr. Exercise is 7” in diameter and is made for those with smaller hands or for pediatric use. This hand exerciser weighs only 8 ounces and is exactly half the size of our Power-Web Exerciser. This option features all of the same, great benefits as the larger version and is available in three resistance levels.

Resistance Levels

Choose the right resistance level for you among our options. The Light level is for pediatric use, and for those beginning hand strengthening programs. The Medium level is made to be used to improve flexibility, strengthening, injury rehabilitation, and fitness purposes. The Heavy level is for more advanced rehabilitation, strengthening, fitness, sport, and injury prevention. The X-Heavy level is for sports strengthening and is designed to be used by athletes of all sports. The XX-Heavy level is made to be used as a real challenge for athletes looking for an advanced hand strengthening tool.

Power Web

SKU: 1004111
  • Designed to be used for everything ranging from one finger to both hands conditioning, strengthening, and rehabilitating.
    ORIGINAL - 14” Diameter
    JR. - 7" Diameter
    Includes Exercise Manual

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