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The LMB Spring-Coil Finger Extension Splint features coil springs that are placed laterally to the PIP joint and move in line with the joint to increase extension. It is ideal for boutonniere deformity, and allows IP flexion. Curved proximal and distal support distribute pressure evenly. The amount of resistance is adjusted at the distal strap. To size: measure the finger from the palmar crease to the distal finger crease.

LMB Spring Coil Finger Extension Assist

SKU: 1005084
    • High quality Wire-Foam™ construction for a customized fit
    • Extension splint (also called “Wynn Parry” or Capener splint) uses coil springs placed lateral to and in line with PIP joint
    • Curved proximal and distal supports distribute pressure evenly
    • Extension assistance adjustable by altering distal strap
    • Provides uniform force throughout the range and offers stronger spring tension at extended position than models #501 or #602
    • Force: Full extension ≈ 2.75 lbs.
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