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The Jamar Sterognosis Kit is a valuable tool used in medical evaluations to assess and diagnose tactile gnosis or haptic perception.

Jamar Stereognosis Kit

SKU: 1005132
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  • The Jamar Sterognosis Kit includes 17 common items and matching cards for evaluating and diagnosing stereognosis, also known as haptic perception or tactile gnosis. The front of each card features a drawing of the item and its name in English and Spanish, while the back shows the evaluator the name of the item. This tests the patient's or client's ability to handle, lift, or recognize the object and its qualities.


    • All items feature a corresponding card for easy identification
    • Cards measure 3" x 5" (8 x 13cm) and are laminated for increased durability
    • Included storage case keeps all items together
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