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The FiddlLinks

FiddlLINK Dexterity Developer

Limberness, Dexterity, Finger Independence, Strength, & Stress Relief

FiddlLINK Dexterity Developer

The Fiddllink is a link based fidget tool/desk toy for improving hand and finger strength, dexterity, and health It’s perfect for those of us who like to have something in our hands to fidget with, and it’s a great way to exercise finger joints and relieve stress. Used by hand therapists to develop and restore finger function, this may be the best tool on the market for improved finger dexterity.

Color combinations: Black/White, Black/Purple, Purple/White, Red/White, Red/Black*

Have fun and improve hand strength at the same time.

  • Great for musicians, athletes, seniors, and heavy computer users. Also good for those with autism and ADHD.
  • Addictively relaxing and great for stress relief at the office.
  • High quality and durable plastic.
  • For the couch, for the car, or any place you are!

Free Shipping on Bundles in the USA!

If you like Spinners but want to give your hand more of a workout experience you will enjoy the Fiddllink.

Perfect for your family, students or employees!

Colors are randomly shipped unless specified color is added to comments box.

Additional Information
Color / Pack

Black/White $7.95 plus S & H, Black/Purple $7.95 plus S & H, Purple/White $7.95 plus S & H, Red/White $7.95 plus S & H, Red/Black $7.95 plus S & H, 3 Pack mix $21.95 Free S & H, 6 Pack mix $39.95 Free S & H, 12 Pack mix $69.95 Free S & H, 30 pack $149.95 Free S & H

  • Black and White FiddlLink

FiddlLINK Dexterity Developer

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