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POWER-WEB JR is 7″ in diameter and weighs eight ounces. Just half the size of the original POWER-WEB; it has all the same features as the larger product and delivers many of the same benefits when used in a hand and wrist rehabilitation exercise program. POWER-WEB JR. is available in 3 resistance levels.

Level 1 – Light (Yellow) – Slight Resistance for children, geriatrics, beginning strength programs, arthritics, and carpel tunnel suffers

Level 2 – Medium (Red) – Moderate Resistance for all aspects of fitness: enhancing strength and flexibility, preventing injury, and assisting in rehabilitation. Also available in Non-latex (Orange).

Level 3 – Heavy (Green) for more advanced rehabilitation, strengthening, sports, fitness, and injury prevention.


Light – Yellow, Medium – Red, Heavy – Green

7″ POWER-WEB® Junior Hand Exerciser

SKU: 12
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