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14″POWER-WEB® Combo Hand Exerciser

Available in four different combinations featuring six resistance levels

The PowerWeb Combo offers the unique advantage of the two resistance levels on one web, offering greater flexibility and value. It is identical in size band weight as the original POWER-WEB® with the same high quality construction and materials.

Level 0 – Ultra Light (Beige) ‚ Least Resistance and Level 2 – Medium (Red) – Moderate Resistance
Level 1 – Light (Yellow) Slight Resistance and Level 3 – Heavy (Green)
Level 2 – Medium (Red) – Moderate Resistance / Level 4 – Super Heavy (Blue)
Level 3 – Heavy (Green) / Level 5 – Ultra Heavy (Black)

• Increase Flexibility!
• Reduce Arthritis Pain!
• Color coded resistance levels for variability
• For all hand sizes and strength levels

• Can Help Relieve or Prevent Carpal Tunnel!
• One exerciser does the work of many
• Easy and fun to use

39 Exercise – manual included!

14″POWER-WEB® Combo Hand Exerciser

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