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Uses: Hand rehabilitation

Description: Thirty years ago, MedDev created the Original Hand Helper® exerciser, setting a standard for effective and reliable hand rehabilitation. Therapist have preferred the Hand Helper’s lightweight and versatile design for combining comfort, form, and function in one easy-to-use exerciser. The Ultimate Hand Helper® exerciser offers improvements to the original design, including a padded handle and range-adjusting screws. This is one exerciser that is as versatile as it is effective!

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LedDev’s new, patented Ultimate Hand Helper ® makes it easy to preferentially exercise specific muscle tendon groups of the hand and forearm. The exerciser’s exclusive hand-conforming design promotes comfort and provides the ultimate in hand exercise versatility. The instruction booklet, included with each Ultimate Hand Helper, illustrates a variety of exercise options for developing strength, coordination and range of motion of the hand and forearm muscle tendon groups. Combining these exercises in a single session supports improved overall hand function.

After the conclusion of treatment, the Ultimate Hand Helper with light resistance provides gentle exercise to maintain hand mobility and range of motion. Low resistance exercise can be beneficial in the prevention of cumulative trauma disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Suggested Exercises:

Fingertip Flexion- Bends the three finger joints emphasizing muscles that flex the fingertips.

Middle Finger Flexion- Bends only the two finger joints closest to the palm emphasizing muscles that act on the middle joint.

Finger Base (Knuckle) Joint Flexion- Bends the finger joint closest to the palm emphasizing smaller intrinsic muscles within the hand.

Composite Flexion- Bends the complete finger emphasizing mobility and range of motion.

The Ultimate Hand Helper®

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