Stress Relief Bundle


The Stress Relief Bundle is perfect for anyone just begining a new hand health regimen. The products are geared towards helpings improve hand strength, limberness, coordination and finger independence. 


1. Video: Exploring the Chinese Therapy Balls - For expert instruction in using your Chinese Therapy Balls, Finger Fitness™ expert Greg Irwin leads you through uses of the balls. The video also shows how these balls are manufactured, and shows the Chinese masters in action. Commentary is provided from a certified hand therapist. **(Choose a digital copy of the video or a DVD)


2. Fiddllink - A Great digital dexterity tool that you can use just about anytime or place. Great for developing your fine motor skills and finger independence. **(Note: FiddlLink color will be randomly assigned unless otherwise requested.)


3. Chinese Therapy Balls - The spheres exercise your inner hand muscles which help to improve strength and LIMBERNESS. **(Note: Includes a medium sized set of hollow ringing spheres unless otherwise requested)


Bundle with Video Download $24.95

Bundle with physical DVD $29.95

Stress Relief Bundle