Power-Web Jr. Hand Exerciser


The 7″ POWER-WEB® Jr.

POWER-WEB JR is 7″ in diameter and weighs eight ounces. Just half the size of the original POWER-WEB; it has all the same features as the larger product and delivers many of the same benefits when used in a hand and wrist rehabilitation exercise program. POWER-WEB JR. is available in 3 resistance levels.


Basic Benefits of Power Web Exercisers

  • Allows duplication of virtually all joint actions including flexion, extension, opposition, abduction and adduction
  • Illustrated manual included
  • Easy and fun to use
  • One exerciser does the work of many
  • Latex free available only in medium resistance
  • Color coded resistance levels for variability
  • Exercise coupled with proper resistance allows for full range of motion
  • Accommodates all hand sizes and strength levels
  • Both hands can be exercised at once, or a single finger isolated and exercised
  • Resistance of each web can be modified to meet specific needs by adjusting hand position and/or depth of finger insertion.

Power-Web Jr. Hand Exerciser