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Adjustable spring extension splint. Fits either hand. Lesser extension effect on metacarpal-phalangel. Provides more forceful extension assistance.



SKU: 2000681
  • Treat a variety of diagnoses involving PIP joint tightness.

    • Indicated for PIP joint limitation of 45° or less.
    • Designed for patient comfort with an emphasis on distal pad curvature.
    • Approximately 8oz. (227g) of force is applied when the PIP joint is in 15° of flexion.
    • The contoured center pad distributes pressure evenly on the PIP joint.
    • Bilateral wires may be carefully bent to adjust force and to accommodate changes in edema.

    Indications:  Finger flexion tightness.  Boutonniere deformity (allows IP flexion).

    Sizing Information:

    Product # Size Measurement (DPC to DIP Length)
    501AA Extra Small  2 1/4"
    501A Small  2 5/8"
    501B Medium  3"
    501C Large  3 1/2"
    501D Extra Large  4"
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