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The Jamar Pegboard Test provides both gross and fine motor skill tests. Includes recording sheets and normative data.  

Lost pieces to your kit?  The Replacement Hardware Only (55 Pins, 45 Washers and 25 Collars) is sold separately.  Select 1005138_2.

Jamar Pegboard Test

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  • The Jamar Pegboard Test provides both gross and fine motor skill tests. It can be used to test arms, hands, fingers, and wrists. This versatile tool is a great addition to any physical therapy center or clinical setting.  Can be used for testing acute finger capabilities or general hand motion. The small pins are difficult to grip for fine motor skill testing and the larger washers are more easily manipulated for gross motor skill building.


    • Comes with 55 pins, 45 washers, 25 collars, 25 record blanks, Quick Reference Guide, normative data, and complete instruction manual
    • If purchasing Replacement Hardware Only, that includes 55 pins, 45 washers and 25 collars
    • Can be used to test gross motor function and fingertip dexterity
    • Measures capabilities of the hand, wrist, arm, and finger
    • Features standardized data to compare patients to normal results
    • Does not come with a stopwatch
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