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Produced in 1997, this video was shot in both Baoding, China where the metal balls are manufactured and first invented and scenes in the United States.

In Baoding, China you will get a tour of the Colored Dragon Iron Ball Factory where you will witness the manufacturing process, including the secret of how that unique ringing sound is created.
Learn the 10 Basic Exercises you can do with the Chinese Therapy Balls from the masters. Additionally, witness performances by, and learn advance techniques from two of China’s Ball Masters.
Back in the United States, hear from Certified Hand Therapist, Meg Robinson who discusses some of the medical and therapeutic values of exercises with the Chinese Therapy Balls.
Finally, Greg Irwin demonstrates two-handed techniques which he developed after years of practicing with the Chinese Therapy Balls which again will amaze you!


  • Increase size for increase range of motion and flexibility / Decrease size for increased coordination and dexterity
  • Small (1.5″ / 40mm) comfortable for older children and people with small hands
  • Medium (1.75″ / 45mm) comfortable for most people hands
  • Large (2″ / 50mm) men comfortable for people with large hands
  • X-Large (2.25″ / 55mm) comfortable for men with very large hands and for advanced exercises
  • Colossal – 63mm and 73mm (availability varies) for advanced exercises

Exploring Chinese Therapy Balls (DVD)

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