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Chinese Therapy Ball Triple Pack and Video – Improves strength, limberness and coordination

The Chinese Therapy Ball Triple Pack and video are used for physical conditioning and relaxation. The spheres can improve the strength, limberness and coordination of your hands and relax your mind at the same time. The basic moves are easy to learn but the intricate patterns can take years to master. They are great for musicians, athletes, typists, surgeons, gamers etc… or simply a way to relax and focus the mind with your hands.

(73mm / approximately 3 inches in diameter)

Strength, Limberness, Coordination and Stress Relief

Dating back to the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese Health Spheres were developed to gently stimulate the muscles, nerves, and accupressure points of the fingers, hands, and forearms. The result is improved circulation, beneficial for relaxation, meditation, and stress relief. The 73mm spheres are much larger than the traditional size 40mm size. The larger size enables a more intensive hand work out. They are also easier to manipulate with two hands (some call this contact juggling or palm spinning)

“Exploring the Chinese Therapy Balls” video offers expert instruction in using your Chinese Therapy Balls, Finger Fitness™ expert Greg Irwin leads you through a complete series of exercises (beginners – advanced). The video also shows a true Chinese master in action. Commentary is provided from a certified hand therapist.

Additional Information
Chrome Hollow Or Ringing?

73mm No Chime triple pack with DVD, 73mm Ringing triple pack with DVD

Chinese Therapy Ball Triple Pack and Video

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