Advanced Athlete's Hand Bundle


The Advanced Athlete's Hand Bundle is great for anyone who spends a significant amount of time typing, playing video games or using a cell phone. The products and video have been designed to help improve hand strength, limberness, coordination and finger independence. 


1. Video: The Advanced Finger Fitness Guide - The Exercises included are ideal for use as warm-ups or short breaks in the workplace to enhance and maintain flexibility and dexterity. **(Choose a digital copy of the video or a DVD)


2. Chinese Therapy Balls (Medium) -The spheres exercise your inner hand muscles which help to improve strength and LIMBERNESS. **(Note: Includes a medium sized set of solid spheres unless otherwise requested)


3. VARIGRIP Black (extra-heavy strength) - The VARIGRIP is an excellent tool for exercising your flexors and extensors for strength conditioning.


4. Power-Web Combo Hand Exerciser (Red/Blue) - The Power-Web Combo is designed for activities including karate, weight lifters, golf, baseball, mountain climbers and football players where strength is vital. **( Red/Blue = Medium/Super Heavy Resistance)


Using all of the products together can greatly maximize the ability of your hands. Also exercising your hands can also relieve stress and prevent problems. Highly recommended for typists, gamers and cell phone users.


Bundle with Video Download $69.95 

Bundle with physical DVD $79.95

Athlete's Hand Bundle