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Original Power-Web Hand Exercisers

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Original Power-Web Hand Exercisers

The 14″ Original POWER-WEB® - Its unique patented design allows a variety of exercises to be performed comfortably and effectively. Constructed of high quality rubber with special agents added for durability and strength, the POWER-WEB® will last for years (with proper use and care).

Basic Benefits of Power Web Exercisers

  • Allows duplication of virtually all joint actions including flexion, extension, opposition, abduction, adduction, probation, and sup nation
  • Resistance of each web can be modified to meet specific needs by adjusting hand position and/or depth of finger insertion.
  • Both hands can be exercised at once, or a single finger isolated and exercised
  • Accommodates all hand sizes and strength levels
  • Exercise coupled with proper resistance allows for full range of motion
  • Color coded resistance levels for variability
  • Latex free available only in medium resistance
  • One exerciser does the work of many
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Illustrated manual included

Specific Benefits for the Athletic Trainer and Sports Enthusiast

The hands and wrists are two of the most frequently injured parts of the body. Many trainers incorporate PowerWebs into their strengthening programs or as a pre-game warm-up for developing strength, dexterity, and range of motion.

Specific Benefits for the Therapist

Available in the following SIX resistance levels:

Level 0 – Ultra Light (Beige) ‚ Least Resistance

Designed for beginners, stroke patients, persons with serious hand injuries, and establishing range of motion.

Level 1 – Light (Yellow) ‚ Slight Resistance

Designed for children, geriatrics, beginning strength programs, arthritics, and carpel tunnel suffers

Level 2 – Medium (Red) – Moderate Resistance

Our most popular POWER-WEB® is designed for all aspects of fitness: enhancing strength and flexibility, preventing injury, and assisting in rehabilitation

Level 3 – Heavy (Green)

Designed for rehabilitating and preventing sports injuries by strengthening both hand and arm fitness.

Level 4 – Super Heavy (Blue)

Designed for those that want to build real strength making it very popular for major and pro sports training.

Level 5 – Ultra Heavy (Black)

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