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Finger Fitness Complete Series (Download)

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Finger Fitness is like Hand Yoga; using it a few minutes can greatly improve fine motor skills, strength, coordination, and finger independence. The complete Finger Fitness video collection and E-book download includes the entire program from it’s conception in 1988 by Greg Irwin.

Maximize your hands ability to perform daily tasks with the Finger Fitness program

Improve fine motor skills, strength, coordination, and finger independence

E-book: The Art of Finger Control

The Art of Finger Control – E-book – 80 page book, contains 190 step-by-step photos, This is the complete manual of the Finger Fitness program and is formatted to complement the Finger Fitness videos “The Complete Hand Workout” and “The Advanced Finger Fitness Guide”.

Video: The Complete Hand Workout

The video’s progressive style challenges you to increasingly complex hand exercises with musical and verbal accompaniment. The easy-to-follow format is highly recommended for anyone just starting the Finger Fitness program. Includes:

  • Introduction from Meg Robinson, Certified Hand Therapist Featuring:
  • Enjoyable methods to improve strength and coordination
  • Five exercises lessons to enhance finger independence dexterity, and agility
  • Ten fun and easy dance routines to reinforce the lessons learned
  • Basic / Intermediate exercises ideal for use as warm-ups or short breaks in the workplace.
  • Amazing new finger ballet

Video: The Advanced Finger Fitness Guide

  • All 15 exercise sections are level coded 1-5 for ease of use.
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced exercises are demonstrated and explained
  • The first section breaks down the basic exercise movements. The later sections become more advance combining the basic exercises.
  • Exercises are ideal for use as warm-ups or short breaks in the workplace to enhance and maintain flexibility and dexterity.
  • Includes two new Dazzling Digital Dances!
  • Amazing new finger ballet

Video: Exploring the Chinese Therapy Balls

This video, produced in 1997, showcases the manufacturing process of metal balls in Baoding, China, where they were first invented. It also includes scenes from the United States. The video provides a tour of the Colored Dragon Iron Ball Factory in Baoding, revealing the secrets behind creating the unique ringing sound of the balls. It offers insights into the 10 Basic Exercises for Chinese Therapy Balls, taught by masters, and advanced techniques demonstrated by two Ball Masters from China. In the United States, Certified Hand Therapist Meg Robinson discusses the medical and therapeutic benefits of exercises with Chinese Therapy Balls. Lastly, Greg Irwin demonstrates his own two-handed techniques developed through years of practice with the Chinese Therapy Balls, leaving the viewers amazed.

Video: Finger Fitness - New Frontier

These exercises take a new approach to isolating your left and right hands with both basic and new complex patterns. The main exercise groups focus on are folding, cross-thrus, shuffling from four directions. The video was shot with 3 high definition cameras which gives a more three dimensional look. Also includes the latest Amazing new finger ballet (music by Neal Za Za)

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