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Frequently asked questions

If I'm experiencing pain in my hands, what products should I use?

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your hands, we strongly encourage you to visit your doctor or hand therapist, as pain may be a sign of an underlying physiological problem. If hand exercises are deemed appropriate, gentle hand motion exercises are best. Consider products designed for dexterity

Will HandHealth Unlimited's products and programs help specific conditions (carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis, etc.)?

While HandHealth Unlimited makes no claims regarding use for specific medical conditions, research indicates improved flexibility and muscle use can strengthen hands, fingers, and wrists, helping to prevent further injury. If you have questions regarding a specific condition, see your doctor or hand therapist.

What are the benefits of your products and programs?

All our products are designed to help you increase strength, coordination, and dexterity in your hands and fingers. At the same time, they can help you decrease the occurrence of injury, stress, and fatigue, all of which can have serious repercussions for your long-term hand health.

Who should use your products and programs?

Whether you’re a musician or a surgeon, a manual laborer or a stay-at-home parent, your hands are vital to the work you do each day. At hand Health Unlimited, we are dedicated to helping you take the best care of your hands’ health. For a listing of some professionals, athletes, and musicians who benefit from HandHealth Unlimited’s products and programs, click here.

Is wholesale pricing available for third party retailers?

Yes! Vendors are welcome to display and sell our products. Contact HandHealth Unlimited for more information. Click Here to Contact Us

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