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The Evolution of

Finger Fitness & Hand Health Unlimited evolved from the revolutionary exercise program Finger Fitness: “The Art of Finger Control” (1988) by Greg Irwin.  Over the years with the advice of certified hand therapist, products were added and now include unique hand grippers, Chinese therapy balls, four Finger Fitness exercise videos,  helpful products for carpal tunnel treatment, fine motor skill development tools and much more.

Finger Fitness exercises isolate the natural movements of your hands and fingers.  Exercising your hands a few minutes a day can help improve your strength, limberness and coordination. Improving the condition of your hands can also help prevent hand stress and  fatigue. Hand Health offers exercise products, Finger Fitness, hand grippers and much more.

Used By:

Musicians,  Athletes,  Gamers,

 Doctors , Magicians,  Computer Users,

 Young & Old

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